Becoming Women of Grace …
a yearly conference for women
(pictures from 2007 Conference)

Next Conference: March 31, 2012
Presenter: Sarah Hart

This is a day to reflect, renew and refresh for women of the parish. Join us as we celebrate our identity as Catholic women in an environment that brings women together to learn from our spiritual foremothers and to affirm each other’s unique giftedness. Come celebrate ritually our diversity in our relationship with Christ and to reinforce our Catholic identity. Connect with other Catholic women for support and encouragement to one another to be Eucharist to others; to inspire ways of growing in our spirituality that continually renew our Christ-like relationships with others.

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Contact: Sr. Rosemary Finnegan 407-644-6812 srrosemary@stmargaretmary.org


Cursillo / Ultreya

Cursillo is a movement of the Church which, by its own method, makes it possible for people to live what is fundamental for being a Christian. Cursillo helps people discover and fulfill their personal vocations, and promotes the creation of core groups of Christians who leaven their environments with the Gospel. The Ultreya (Spanish word meaning Onward) is the larger Cursillo community. It is the time for the members of the Group Reunions to meet with members of other Group Reunions. The Ultreya is also beneficial in providing the support and encouragement that each of us needs.


Parish Mission

Each year our parish sets aside one week as a time of special prayer, listening, and spiritual renewal. A Mission is an opportunity for people to come together in prayer and reawaken their understanding and experience of God’s love. The structure of a Mission consists of two services a day and is conducted by a mission/retreat director. The morning Mass and presentation and the evening para-liturgical Word service are built around the Scriptures. The topics of the presentations are practical and inspirational. As with the parish retreat, all are welcome to come: young and old, single, married, those separated or divorced, and widowed.

Contact: Sr. Rosemary Finnegan 407-644-6812 srrosemary@stmargaretmary.org




Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS)
We are a Ministry!
We are about Mothers Sharing!
We are Women’s Spirituality!

Ministry of Mothers Sharing is about WOMEN coming together to Discover, Explore and Share of themselves in a sacred, faith-filled small community. Take time, Make time and Enjoy time – Ministry of Mothers Sharing.

Jen Wickliffe | 407-999-9069
Lori Reinneck, The Family Life Office, email | 407-645-0284

New MOMS is the first step and is an 8 week session of self-discovery, mutual support and prayer with a small group of women. A structured program is followed in order to create an inner awareness of the sacred self and to build community among mothers of all ages and stages. We offer an evening option, a morning option and an option for “seasoned moms”, depending on response.

Continuing MOMS

Continuing Moms/Daytime Group: The mission of Continuing MOMS at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church is to expand the spiritual growth of women by the MOMS and provide a supportive, nurturing, welcoming community for mothers. We will achieve this through meetings that involve prayer, Gospel reflections, group discussion, special guests and applications to family life. By growing closer to Christ, we will be better, loving servants of our families, church and community. This group meets the third Tuesday of each month in the Upper Room. You must have completed the 8-week New MOMS program prior to joining this group.

Continuing Moms/Evening Group: This is another option for mothers who have completed the 8 week program and embraces the above mission of MOMS. This group offers a special community for working moms meeting the 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7-9 p.m. in Holy Grounds.
Contact:   Lori Reinneck, 407-645-0284,  lori@stmargaretmary.org


SMM Great Generations (Senior Adults)

A very active group of seniors. Activities include potluck suppers, dances and day trips to nearby attractions.

Contact: Miriam Timmes 407-644-6208



JustFaith is an amazing 30-week program that provides the groundwork to change lives, inspire faithful witness and seeks to transform the world through love and service. Experience a spiritual, educational journey like no other. Ready for a challenge in your thinking and doing when it comes to the needy and vulnerable? Plan now on coming to an information meeting on July 18-19 after Masses or on August 19 in the evening! Contact Meghan Collins, 407-265-0357, meghancollinscnm@gmail.com, or Nilsa Patterson, 407-473-1050, nilsapatterson@hotmail.com. In the meantime you can check out the program at www.justfaith.org.