Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation
"The maturation of the Christian life requires that faith be cultivated in all its dimensions." Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, USCCB, #89

A Journey of Faith

The prophet Isaiah, in chapter 35, speaks of a highway, a holy way, being there for those with a journey to make. Your journey will not be just an intellectual exercise, but a personal experience of trust, of recommitment, of questioning and change, of joy..... a journey of faith. It will mean being open to living what you are learning....and learning from what you are living.

Please use these pages to explore the wealth of knowledge that is available to help your understanding of faith. These pages will also provide links for you to connect with service opportunities, community involvement, and especially to experience the vitality that comes from active participation in your parish.